Mindfulness Matters™ in Schools

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Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, the Foundation is pleased to sponsor the implementation of a Mindfulness Program at the Laurel Hill School.  Research indicates that incorporating stress reduction programs into the school curriculum can improve academic performance, self esteem, mood, concentration and behavior problems.

As part of the faculty orientation this year, we invited Clare Mottola, co-creator of the  Mindfulness Initiative at The Fieldston School, to train LHS faculty to integrate Mindfulness into the current curriculum.  Our teachers learned age appropriate techniques, such as deep breathing and visualization, that they have incorporated using one-minute exercises the students engage in throughout the school day.

In the Middle School, students are really enjoying our Mindful Moment at the beginning of every class. . .  The students and I both feel more relaxed and ready to tackle our subject matter with clear heads and hearts.  – Mrs. Bird

Mindfulness gives students and teachers the tools to better understand themselves and their experiences, fosters their overall well-being, and builds a greater capacity for compassion, empathy and resilience.

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